Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Trend Forecast recently has set this Spring 2009 trends. I kinda excited to read it, because I am so in love with almost every presentation. I've concluded and made the review about this fabulous looks... Here's my review...

Depression Chic
No more fashion forward dresses, just like Victoria Beckham's dresses, if you want to adapt this look. This look is inspired by the economic crash of 1929 in America and all you have to do is mix your vintage outfit. There are glittery flapper frocks, faded sack dresses, plaid shirt and weird mix&match style. You may look like a stressful vintage gal, but this style rock though.

Goddess Worship
I love this trend... There are Light and airy at Marchesa, grecian draping at Zac Posen and Red Carpet dresses at Dior, Versace and Elie Saab. It's not really hard to pull off this look. You just need some flowing dresses and a goddess-feeling when you wear it... It's just a one piece and it will create you a thousand times more beautiful.

Geometry Lessons
This is what I call "The Future Style", which I personally believe, that there's no style like this in the future. The futuristic feeling with the unusual shape appears on many runway. This season, designers indulged their urge to bend, fold, twist, and otherwise manipulate fabric in ever bolder (and bigger) ways. Maybe you can't really wear this style 100 percent, some modifying will make you look trendy without looking weird. My favorites are Lanvin and Dolce pieces.

Trash & Vaudeville
This look is all about eighties rock-chic. Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and London's Meadham Kirchhoff revitalized the eighties outfit, a decade most of us were happy to say goodbye to forever. Shoulder pads? Yes, if Balmain's Christophe Decarnin is involved, bring 'em on then there's Ditto ripped denim and shredded lace. You must have thoserevel feelings if you wanna pull off this look..

Sporting Goods
This year, people are getting more aware with their health than before. Yoga, Pilates and Non-Fat Food are now their choice to fulfill their need of health. That's why there are a lot of designer made some lovable sporting goods. Running pants, hoodies, and bodysuits hit the runways at Louise Goldin, Missoni, and Michael Kors, respectively, while glorified boxing gear made an appearance at Kris Van Assche. Lets go get dressed and get your fab' shapes!!

Marakech Express
Arabian looks is coming to our way. There were Jodhpur pants/Ali Baba pants at Chloe and DVF, djellabas at Gucci, turbans everywhere from Dries Van Noten to Paul Smith. Plus there were as many slouchy, sexy silk jumpsuits as there are stars in an Arabian night sky. . This is not an easy look to pull off because you must have brave feelings to wear soe strange shape outfit that maybe won't match to a fat girl.

My most favorite looks are...
Depression Chic

What's Yours???

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