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Beyonce's Fashionable Year

2008 has been Beyoncè’s biggest fashion moment. Beyoncè was seen wearing some of the boldest design from various designers. She used to just wear the designer outfit on red carpet, but now she wore it for her stage appearances too. Her style sense is increased from a trashy queen to the high class avant garde diva.

Her most favorite designer for the moment is still Giorgio Armani, but now she opened her heart for Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen too. In her recent appearances in EMA, she wore 2 bold pieces from Pugh’s collection, and she wore another 2 pieces again for her music video, Diva. Then she wore three different outer wears from jackets to vest from Alexander McQueen.

In her Diva video, she also wore a custom made patchwork bodysuit and matching lace leggings (pictured above) by Brian Lichtenberg. The 25-year-old designer, who shows at L.A. Fashion Week, has an aesthetic that’s futuristic, bold, and graphic.

By now, most fashion watchers are aware that Beyoncè is a dyed-in-the-graphic-geometric -wool fan of Gareth Pugh and of Thierry Mugler, now that the latter designer will be creative- directing and costuming her upcoming tour.


Beyoncè is all about glamour and black gown is such glamour pieces. As you can see, Beyoncè has worn 4 beautiful black gowns that

The first gown comes from Rock & Republic Fall 2008. This turtle neck long gown is beautiful, tight-fitting and so appropriate. She wore this dress when she attended Gotham Magazine Annual Gala. I like her dress but nor her vintage Chanel earrings, its way too big for her and unmatched.

The Zuhair Murad Spring 2008 mermaid gown rocks this
31st Annual Kennedy Center Honors event in Washington. I can’t stop staring at this picture and I realized that her dress is so yummy, and the flower corsage details make it looked more beautiful than ever… WOWW!!

My comment for the third gown is WOW and AMAZING. In this Roberto Cavalli Strapless gown, she shows us her stunning figure and her diva-ness without being yucky. It looks so fierce just like her alter ego yet beautiful like herself. Love it! She wore this gown to the Los 40 Principales' 2008 in Madrid. This gown is her best dressed ever!

And again I was WOWED by the fourth gown. This Zuhair Murad Fall 2008 is so Beyoncè Knowles, glamour as ever. I love the laces details and it has a really beautiful train… She wore this gown to the Cadillac Records Premiere in New York. But I don’t really like her hair, it’s too high.


I never thought that Beyoncè would wear some fashion forward dresses instead of mermaid gown. But my thoughts are all wrong... Beyoncè has worn many beautiful yet edgy dresses that made her looked amazing.

The first dress comes from Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2009 collection. This black velvet dress is one of my favorite from the collection, but Beyoncè wore the modified version from the runway. The puff sleeves have been watered down and it looks better. The runway version is too much for me. She completed her look with Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2009 Jeweled Ribbon Belt.

Many celebrities have worn this second dress, such as JLo & Dita Von Teese. But Beyoncè still managed to look as fierce as she can; wearing this grey RM by Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2008 dress. I must admit that she looked so dynamic with its asymmetric cut and her silver strappy shoes. She completed her look with a Fendi Clutch and silver bangles.

This is the most shocking dress I ever saw on her. There are two reasons for this case. Firstly, I never thought that this dress would appear on red carpet. And secondly, I never thought that Beyoncè would wear it, never comes across my mind (even a little thought). This Gareth Pugh Spring 2009 is a modified version from the runway version. It looks better because the runway version has some disturbing sleeves. SO FIERCE!

The Last FFWD dress that I will talk about is the dress that she wore to Fashion Rocks 2008 event. I don’t really know the designer, but I do believe that maybe it comes from House of Dereon. I do like this dress, very sexy and it has unusual shapes, and I love her shoes... So Rocking the Fashion!


Beyoncè seems to appear in a very different phase. Sometimes she can be an edgy girl or a glamorous lady. But she still can appear in a very chic style, like her appearances above.

In Seventeen Event she was awarded as Star of The Year 2008. And she wore this Jean Paul Gaultier maroon dress. The pleated detail in the bodice is way much chic and the color is unusual on her. I don’t really like her nude Dior gladiator heels; it’s unmatched for my style.

She wore this Etro Fall 2008 dress when she was performed at TRL show in NYC. It’s a cute dress that I’ve never thought Beyoncè would wear it. But I was, again, wrong, Beyoncè still looked good wearing it and she completed her look with black leggings plus the boots.


I never really liked all Beyoncè’s stage outfit which was made by her mom. Sometimes it looks too bitchy and lack of fashion sense. But in 2008, Beyoncè has worn many designer outfits as her stage costume. And it is so spoiling my eyes when I see her wearing some haute couture pieces...

This Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2008 Couture gold sequined deep plunging jumpsuit, with palettes embellishments on the sleeves and the foot of the pants is so golden… She wore this jumpsuit when she was performing Marvin Gaye's "Ain’t nothing like the real thing" with Justin Timberlake. Only she could pull out this look, no one else.

In AMA 2008, she wore Armani Privè Fall black and white satin jacket with origami rosettes and a black short pants when she performed her Single Ladies single. I was wowed by her choice as she chose such a bold piece from the couture. She completed her look with round earrings and a cyborg finger thing...

Beyoncè wore a mustard Zuhair Murad Spring 2008 Couture cocktail belted dress with beaded embellishments on the bodice when she performed in Fashion Rocks 2008. She was performing as Etta James, the living legend diva, which she played in Cadillac Records movie. The couture is so unpredictable and beautiful on her. I give her kudos for the lovely mustard color and the beaded embellishments.


Not just wearing haute couture outfits, she also wore many risky dresses when she was performing. Some of them are a good risk and the other is a bit insane risk.

The first outfit is Alexander McQueen black velvet waistcoat with gold military frogging and a red collar from his Fall 2008 collection. Recently she mentioned in InStyle Magazine that she loves Alexander McQueen’s designs and she proved it by wearing this waistcoat. In my opinion, she looked so rock and different than ever. She completed it with a white blouse, shimmering legging and gold Dior Gladiator Heels.

In EMA 2008, Liverpool, Beyoncè wowed everyone by wearing this Gareth Pugh Fall 2008 design. I never really liked this dress when it was presented, but Beyoncè wore it amazing. I was wondering that she would wear a flowing gown when she sings “If I were a boy” single. But she’d rather to pick an unusual dress that not everyone can wear it. I fall in love with this dress on her and her fierceness.

Yeah, maybe some of you might say that the third dress really looked like her old Dereon style. But I kinda like it after so many edgy dresses she wore; she showed us that she still can manage to look more diva. This gold Donna Karan Resort 2008 metallic sequin cold shoulder gown is full of bling-bling and looked great on her body. Real diva!!!


Miss Carter is never afraid to show her curvy figure, not just like some Hollywood girls. Hollywood youngsters believe that you’re not hot if you’re curvy. But Beyoncè seems don’t care to those terms and always proud being curvy by showing it with a tight fitting dress.

It’s so tight and showed off her curvy body. This dress maybe was made by her own label, House of Dereon. I love his blue satin Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

She was wearing this light blue Hervè Léger bandage dress when she launched her & her sister design for Samantha Thavasa Bag in Tokyo. Maybe some of you would say that this dress is too tight or her body is too fat, but I got to say this dress is good on her. Maybe the color is so unusual for her, but I love it.

The last dress comes from Hervè Léger. This sequin bandage dress is so interesting as the dress had multicoloured ombré sequins all over the dress. I must admit that this is one of the best Hervè Léger ever. She sung If I Were A Boy and Irreplaceable with this lovely dress. This look is irreplaceable!


Bee has worn so many dresses, and she’s not afraid of wearing anything but dress. And I have seen that Beyoncè worn black legging as her other option.

When she performed at TRL Finale in TRL studios, NYC, she wore this leather pants with 3/4 length sleeved embroidered leather Alexander McQueen Jacket from Fall 2008 collection. Yes, she showed us how she loves McQueen designs and she’s look ultra great in these clothes. She completed her look with black heels.

In the X-Factor finale, she wore this stunning embellished navy and gold tunic dress by Nicole Miller. The dress was first wore by Jessica Simpson, but I like it better on Beyoncè. She completed her look with black latex leggings that combines with gold spikey heels..


Beyoncè used to appear wearing nameless clothes when she walked the sidewalk, but in 2008 she has worn so many different designer clothes. She managed to look good outside her stage act, and my wishes did come true (I always wished that Beyoncè would wear some of great clothes in sidewalk)

This black embellished Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 tulip wrap dress, with three-quarter length sleeves and a black sash at the waist is cool on her. As you can see, she looks curvy & still looks beautiful. She wore this dress when she was celebrating New Years Eve Party in St. Barts. The diva seen here with Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannons and Marc Jacobs She completed her look with b&w round earrings.

She looked sophisticated & very chic when she made her way through the American Airlines First Class check-in wearing an ivory 3.1 Philip Lim cord embellished top, jeans, a large python tote and YSL tribute sandals. She mixed silver color with gold color which for me is a really great idea.

Beyoncè was seen shopping around town in St. Barts wearing a white and grey stripped Chanel Resort 2009 dress, with an embellished neckline. I have never really seen a celebrity wear resorts collection during her vacation, but Beyoncè breaks those rules. The dress maybe looked plain but hello, it’s Chanel!!!

Once again, she showed us that she fell in love with McQueen designs. When she arrived at Tokyo, she was wearing Alexander McQueen denim tailcoat jacket that she combines with a ruffled blouse and studded silver tipped Giuseppe Zanotti heels. I like her jacket…

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