Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Designer always has his own muses for his collection. Hedi Slimane, the former designer of Dior Homme, has Cole Mohr as his skinny muse. Now, John Galliano has Bobby Trendy as his muse for his Fall 2009 collections.

Maybe, many of you don't really know who's Bobby Trendy. I got the infos from wikipedia and here's what i got:

Raymond John Muro was born in Valencia, California, he claims he was dubbed "Bobby Trendy" in the seventh grade when people noted the trendy clothing he always wore. Before becoming a designer and interior decorator, Trendy worked as a cashier at Kmart.
Trendy opened his business, Designs by Bobby, in 1998. Specializing in custom furniture and interior design, the business grew quickly and gained several famous clients including Dennis Rodman, Janet Jackson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Cypress Hill.
After being hired by former Playboy model and actress Anna Nicole Smith to decorate her new home, Trendy made many appearances on Smith's reality series The Anna Nicole Show (2002-2004). Their ongoing feud served as a primary plot line during the show's first season, with Trendy serving as an antagonist. Seen by many as flamboyant, he frequently used the memorable descriptor "luxurious" in reference to furniture, himself or activities in which he participated. Trendy's apparent inability to meet deadlines and honor commitments was a running theme in the show.

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