Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Spring 2009 Runway: Louis Vuitton

It feels like seeing a Parisian Chic when i see the presentation of Louis Vuitton Spring 2009. Marc Jacobs spoiled my eyes (again) with the combination of his crazy idea of Parisian Chic and a depression chic style. I see so many bright colors, such as orange, green, and blue in this collection.. The styling is a lil bit looked like Marc Jacobs' Spring 2009 collection, but i like it better... With its multitude of tiny, flippy skirts; obi-cinched waists; glittery sweaters; padded-shoulder jackets; and elegant wide-leg pants—had something to seduce everyone. There are so many sizzling accessories to spoil you with a tribal style.
Here are some trends from the collection...

Feathers strangely appeared on this spring collection, which is not so summer. Feathers are appeared in dresses or skirt. The best feathers is the green dresses that Madonna has wore. It looked as fierce as Madonna and so tres chic.

Sheer/See-Thru stuff maybe has been presented by many designers on Spring 2007 collection, including by LV. But it didn't make Marc Jacobs stop using it as a top for the collection. He combined it with structural-shouldered jacket or various skirts.

Louis Vuitton (or even Marc Jacobs) never produced much gowns/red carpet dresses. He always chooses to make 2 pieces outfit. And the skirts from this collection is so Parisian. There are many skirts come from various length, details, shapes and material. There are skirts that combined with tutu and patent skirts with a big pocket on it..

and the shoes are HOT !!!!

Here's Marc wearing a very lovable suits!

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