Wednesday, January 7, 2009


After i talked about what dress should Michelle wears, now I'm gonna talk about OBAMA's Suit that he will wear to the Inaugural Ball. I really expect that Barack will wear some stylish suits, considering her stylish wife.

The first suit that I choose is this grey suits by KENNETH COLE for evening. It looks so sleek yet modern for me. But if i wear that suit, i will throw that shawl away LOL

I picked this RAG & BONE as the second best evening wear. So sophisticated and stylishhh ( I REALLY LIKE THIS , I WANT IT !!!!!)

This Sean John's evening suit is great. There are two designs of Sean John, but I totally prefer this design. I love how SEAN JOHN's idea to mix a white top with a black skinny pants. Obama will looks younger than ever!!

This Dsquared2 suits is so fashion forward. But I don't think that Obama will wear this suit, it's better for me LOL

I always like Marc Jacobs' creation, but this suits is plain boring for me...

Enough for the night's dress now i will talk about the day looks...


This bold blue Missoni suits is ROCKS! I love the colors and its design. Classic and shocking !
I just like the shocking blue tie and the skinny pants LOL (Sean John's)

Tim Hamilton has created 4 different designs for WWD. And I totally fall in love with this blue suits, despite the spring2009 blue trends :)

Enough with the day look, now i will talk about the ties....

this Purple Countess Mara's tie is fab'..

this Richard James Savile Row tie is cute :)

I can't wait to see what suits will obama wears :)

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