Friday, January 30, 2009

Teen Vogue March Cover: Taylor Swift

My another Red Carpet Crush, Taylor Swift graces the cover of my favorite teen magazine, Teen Vogue March edition. She wore a fabulous blue dress by Calvin Klein Spring 2009 and some beautiful necklaces from Badgley Mischka, Made Her Think, Gerard Yosca, Sunday's Best, and Ligia Dias.

For me, Taylor Swift is one of the bravest Hollywood teen star as she choose the unfamiliar music for her age, country music. She's 19, just like me (I'm even older!!!) and she sings as great as LeAnn Rimes or Shania Twain.
I personally don't really like country, but when i heard Taylor's song, I kinda like it.
Taylor's latest album, Fearless, has reached double platinum in selling and has topped billboard chart in the world.

Here's some Interview that i got from

Teen Vogue: You grew up in a town called Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, listening to the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain. When—and why—did you first come to Nashville?
Taylor Swift: Well, I started begging my mom to bring me here after I saw a TV special on Faith Hill—she came to Nashville, and that's how she made it. So for spring break we rented a car and drove up and down Music Row, handing my homemade demo CD to the receptionists at all the labels. I'd say, "Hey, I'm eleven, and I want a record deal. Call me."

TV: Was country music popular in your hometown?
TS: Not at all. The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country—they'd make fun of me. Junior high was actually sort of hard, because I got dumped by this group of popular girls. They didn't think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talking to me.

TV: On Fearless, you sing about your penchant for T-shirts and sneakers, and you're the face of the denim line L.e.i. But it seems like you've been busting out some pretty glamorous looks on the red carpet lately.
TS: Thank you! I've learned a lot. I go to all these photo shoots, and each time I figure out something new about myself and what I want to wear. For a big night, I like Marchesa or Badgley Mischka—and I love Oscar de la Renta. I've never gotten to wear one of his dresses; if I ever did, I would probably faint. And I am obsessed with high heels.

TV: Does it feel strange to have so many people taking your picture all the time?
TS: Well, I've never had paparazzi in Nashville before; that's a new thing. You really have a lot of privacy here. I saw that documentary on Britney Spears, and I feel bad for her—she can't leave her house!

Here's another great picture on her...

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