Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marc: Grungy Spring 2009

I always love what he made, especially his second line, Marc by Marc Jacobs.
He always play with his youthful side without forgetting his grungy-edgy look.
I like his plaid skirt, so fab!

The collection is all about VINTAGE GRUNGY look that combines with glamorous look.
There are crumpled plaid shorts came in silk, another pair in mattress ticking had a paper-bag waist and a faded olive-drab linen trench worn over long johns ..
The major thing i realized is there's a lot of strippy stuff. It comes from many different size, shocking colors and shape. My most favorites are the no 1 and 4 from picture above...

Shorts are back with various length and various prints.....
So Summerrr !!!!!!!!!

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