Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rihanna Cancels Concert Due to Injuries

Rihanna cancels her concerts in Indonesia, for the second times, due to her injuries.
According to breaking reports, Chris was being investigated in an alleged domestic violence felony battery incident - with insiders claiming that Rihanna was the victim.

According to a report, Rihanna will be traveling back to her homeland of Barbados where she’ll recover from the horrible attack under the care of her friends and family. She is also said to be fully cooperating with the police as the ongoing investigation continues. As for Brown, he was spotted boarding a private plane out of Los Angeles yesterday.

"Chris knocked her around," a source told People magazine. "Black eye, blood, bruises. She had to be treated by a doctor."

Following his arrest, Brown made the $50,000 bail and was subsequently released. He’ll be required to appear in court March 5th to face charges of making a criminal threat.

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