Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Precious Gemma is Fat !


PERTH-BORN Gemma Ward, the thin model who captivated the world fashion scene, has put on weight as she struggles with the loss of friend Heath Ledger.

Ward, seen last week on a Byron Bay beach, is due back on the runway in February and is believed to be madly exercising. It is understood her weight gains have been exacerbated by the shocking death of the actor, rumoured to have been her lover, a year ago.(


Vogue Australia cover girl (add to that US Vogue, UK Vogue, Vogue China, Vogue India and probably every other Vogue), Gemma Ward has confirmed that we haven’t lost her baby doll looks to the silver screen just yet. After taking the year off to travel and enjoy the company of friends, Ward has said she will return to modelling, which means we’ll be watching the February ready-to-wear shows with added interest. Onlookers said Ward was barely recognisable as the supermodel who, at the age of 16, became the youngest female to grace the cover of US Vogue. Ward has been exercising daily with the help of a personal trainer, but the pair have remained indoors. A fashion insider explained that Ward would have to keep a low profile if she wanted to protect her future earnings. (

I don't know what am i suppose to say.................. SPEECHLESS !

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