Friday, March 6, 2009

Balenciaga Spring 2009

Balenciaga is one of the fashion house that always keeps me asking : What will they do again? Another crazy outfit? Another outta-your-mind heels? Or another alienate girl?

And Nicholas Ghesquière didn't let me down by showing this mind-blowing Spring 2009 collection...

Backstage at Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière talked about his collection, quite simply, as an exploration of "matte and shine, playing with textures to see how they reflect or absorb light. And playing with our house codes."

It involved silvered Lurex streaking over skin to cover legs, feet, and hands; asymmetric combinations of drape and structure; bonded jersey pantsuits with A-line tunic tops; tissue-fine metallic crinkle-pleated jackets; and, somewhere in the middle, pale suede pieces that looked as if they might have been extruded from some high-spec industrial machine.

Like Versace, Balenciaga believed in love. Actually it's not as true like the Versace's heart but it was a heart. At first, I found this a bit ridicolous because heart can be syncronized with the future style... But in the end, I adore Nicholas for making it so syncronized.

Beyonce or even Sasha Fierce should love this dress... The metallic dresses is a bling-bling but it didn't look cheapy... The cut was so edgy, then there's a multicolored metallic, gold waterfall dress and so on. So Alienate and FUTURISTIC!

This is the real alien style... The shape, the material and the shine should be wear in the year of 2120..

Balenciaga was presenting a real modern style for a man. There were skinny shiny pants, ultra sleek suits, unmatched suits and an alienate jacket..

Nicholas Ghesquiere

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