Monday, December 28, 2009

My Wishlist!

Brunette-Hair color
I think this color is gonna big again this year, of course for you female readers and you my male readers.. The benefit from this color is you'll look more calm and your skin's gonna look fairer... I'm preparing some gut to do this hair color. God bless me and my hair :)

Louis Vuitton French Coquette Square Shawl
As you can see, it contains all of my fave patterns.
Polka dot: checked. Strippy: checked. Blue (color of the moment): checked. Abstract pattern: checked.

Blue Shoes
I don't know the label but I want it so bad.... I'm trying to make it myself but in purple color. It's because the lack of color :(
I hope it'll be awwsome :)

Svensson Capucchon Cardigan
For anyone who knows where to buy Svensson label, please send me this cardigan!!!!!
Oh my god! I love it's color, material and it's cappuchon!
Send me, I'll give you a big kiss!

Topman Boat Shoes
The color is just puurfecctt! Too bad it's already sold out..
Sooo I'm gonna make it meself :)

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