Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Worst From Met Gala

Tyra Banks
Worst Dressed Award
Tyra Bank looked so crazy and boring with this Badgkey Mischka gown... The make up, the hair, and the black dress it was all failed.

Hilary Swank
Most Boring Award
I don't know about you but for me this Calvin Klein Collection dress is BORINGGG on Hillary Swank.. Her hair also didn't compliment her appeareances... Too Bad!!!

Too Busy Dress Award
Shalom Harlow's dress color maybe just black. But I find it very busy around here and there... I don't like it at all this vintage Bob Mackie dress.

rihanna met costume institute gala 2009 04
The Worst Comeback Award
I love this ensemble on runway not on RiRi. She looked hideous, silly and ugly... eww those hair streaks just make me wanna run from her.

Emmy Rossum
The Biggest Let Me Down Award
She used to be my cutesy one to watch on red carpet. But why did Emmy Rossum wore this Blah-Dress from Carolina Herrera??? Is it because her latest film, Dragon Ball is such a FOOL??

Keep Away Off That Dress Award
Can somebody please keep Jessica Biel from this dress away??? I am so in love with this dress and Jessica RUINED my likeness!!! GET OFF !!!

I hate Agy's make up and Twiggy's suits.... Agyness's dress actually very good and Twiggy's hairpiece was fantastic. But I think they must've changed theirs to other....
Agy won the Worst Vintage-Dress Award and Twiggy won Worst Suit Award

Worst Oldy Award
Yes I did say that Tiger-Print will come back but not with that hair on Carmen Dell'Orefice... It's too wild for a woman at her age... And the print is way too much.

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