Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coco Rocha is a cute Karl!!!

Karl Lagerfeld is one major Coke fiend.

Now, now. We're simply referring to the fancy new limited-edition bottle of Coca-Cola Light that Herr Lagerfeld designed for the soda company, along with a fab ad starring Coco Rocha to go with it, WWD reports.

Set to hit Paris's trendsetting Colette boutique at the end of the month, the Karl Lagerfeld Bottle features the designer's formidable silhouette on a white background, with a cheeky hot pink cap for a dash of flair.

The bottle will retail for 3.5 euros (about $4.71 U.S.), but big spenders can splurge for a boxed edition that comes complete with a bottle opener for 60 euros (or $80.81), the boutique says.

As for the ad, with a name like Coco, casting our favorite Canadian cutie was a no-brainer. Lagerfeld himself photographed Rocha (clad in fingerless gloves and an outfit seemingly ripped from the Kaiser's own closet) and his male-model muse, Baptiste Giacobini, for the ad, which launches in French magazines and on billboards April 28, according to WWD.

Oh, and note to future dinner-party hosts: Lagerfeld reportedly likes his diet soda served in a crystal goblet (and, we suspect, adorned with a drinking straw made from the fingernails of 100 virgins)

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