Monday, April 27, 2009

Beyonce's latest movie, Obsessed, topped the chart of box office this week. Maybe some people said that Beyonce should stay away from this silly movie, but it proved that Beyonce isn't wrong to pick this movie... I am sooo waiting this movie...

Enticement leads to terror when a sexy office temp forms a dangerous fixation on a successful and happily married asset manager. Derek Charles (Idris Elba) is good at his job; so good that he's recently earned a big promotion. He's worked hard to get to the top, and when his workday is finished Derek has the luxury of returning home to his beautiful wife Sharon (Beyoncé Knowles) and their healthy newborn child. But Derek's perfect life begins to crumble when sexy new temp worker Lisa (Ali Larter) goes to work at the office and begins stalking Derek's every move. When Lisa's obsession turns dangerous, Derek and Sharon resort to desperate measures in protecting themselves and their child from her deadly wrath. (via.

The chart of Box Office
1. "Obsessed," $28.5 million.
2. "17 Again," $11.7 million.
3. "Fighting," $11.4 million.
4. "The Soloist," $9.7 million.
5. "Earth," $8.6 million.
6. "Monsters vs. Aliens," $8.5 million.
7. " State of Play ," $6.9 million.
8. " Hannah Montana: The Movie ," $6.4 million.
9. "Fast & Furious," $6.1 million.
10. "Crank: High Voltage ," $2.4 million.

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